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Branded Wax and Greaseproof Papers

Presenting Printed Wax Paper and Cups, designed with a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic that enhances your serving experience. These premium quality products are as lively and reliable as your service, setting a new standard in presentation.

Coordinated Design: The printed wax paper and cups feature matching designs for a seamless and professional appearance. This consistency in presentation elevates the overall aesthetic of your serving setup.

Customisable Options: Tailor these sets to reflect your establishment’s unique style. Choose from a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to create a personalized look that resonates with your brand.

High-Quality Materials: The wax paper is specially crafted to be resistant to oil and moisture, ensuring durability and functionality. The cups are robust, suitable for both hot and cold beverages, and designed for everyday use.

Swift Delivery: We prioritize quick and reliable delivery, so you can have these high-quality printed wax paper and cup sets ready for use promptly, maintaining the standard of quality you expect.
Enhance your food service with these custom-printed essentials, not just serving their purpose but also complementing and extending the identity of your establishment.

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Bespoke Printed Uniform

Discover our Embroidered Fleece, a distinctive creation exclusively designed for restaurants, with extensive customisation available for businesses across the hospitality sectors. These fleeces embody a harmonious blend of style and comfort, presenting an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity with elegance and warmth.

Supreme Comfort: Crafted from premium materials, our fleece assures cosiness and warmth, making it perfect for your staff during chilly days.

Versatile Utility: Suitable for daily wear or special events, the fleece becomes a walking advertisement for your brand.

Fully Customisable: We can modify the fleece’s design, colour, and embroidery to align perfectly with your business’s unique preferences and requirements.

Speedy Delivery: Experience a swift and efficient ordering process, ensuring your personalised fleeces arrive on time and to your specifications.

Stand out with a piece of apparel that’s comfortable and a true reflection of the sophistication and uniqueness of your services.

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Branded Workwear

Step into visibility and safety while flaunting your brand with the Hi-Vis Branded Gear customised for Côte Restaurants. Specifically designed for active work sites, this high-visibility attire ensures that your team is safe and carries the company’s brand with pride in every task they undertake.

Branded: With bold, unmistakable branding options, your company’s name and logo will be prominently displayed, serving as a constant reminder of your presence and commitment to safety and quality.

Enhanced Visibility: Our Hi-Vis Branded Gear’s bright, reflective materials ensure maximum visibility in various conditions, whether under the bright noon sun or in the low light of dawn or dusk.

Durable Construction: Crafted for the demands of active work sites, these garments resist wear and tear, providing reliable performance through the rigors of daily use.

Made to Order: Every piece is tailored to your specifications, from the placement and size of your logo to the overall design and fit of the garment, creating a piece of safety gear that’s as unique as your brand.

With our Hi-Vis Branded Gear, make a statement of safety and brand identity that’s impossible to ignore. Contact us with your design and requirements, and let’s create work gear that stands out in function and form.

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Branded Printed Cups

Explore our bespoke printed cups, designed to complement any establishment’s style while offering functional excellence in drink service.

Distinctive Customisation: Tailor these printed cups to mirror your establishment’s identity, providing a unique way to present drinks that resonate with your brand ethos.

Dependable Quality: Ideal for a range of beverages, from hot coffees to chilled teas, these cups are crafted to maintain the perfect temperature and deliver a consistent drinking experience.

Versatile Use: Suited for an array of drinks, our printed cups are a versatile choice for all your beverage serving requirements.

Efficient Service: With a swift production and delivery process, these customised cups are ready for use as soon as they arrive.

Serve your beverages in style with our Custom Printed Cups, enhancing customer experience with a touch of unique branding.

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Branded Boxes

Introducing tailor-made takeaway boxes, crafted to meet the specific requirements of your business. These boxes are not only practical but also serve as a statement of your brand’s commitment to quality.

Customised Sizing: Ensure that your food items are presented and delivered in the best way possible with boxes made to the exact dimensions you require.

Personalised Design: Express your brand’s identity through these boxes, with options to customise the appearance, colour, and branding, making each box a reflection of your unique style.

Durability and Style: These takeaway boxes combine robust construction with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your food remains well-protected during transit.

Efficient Turnaround: Benefit from a streamlined ordering and delivery process, ensuring that your bespoke boxes are ready for use promptly.

Opt for our Bespoke Takeaway Boxes to provide your customers with an experience that’s distinctively aligned with your brand, from the first impression to the final touch.

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Branded Stickers

Say hello to Our Branded Stickers, the perfect way to give your packaging a touch of your unique style. These customised stickers are more than just labels; they’re a little extra dash of charm for your takeout orders.

Your Brand, Your Style: Each customised sticker is a canvas for your brand’s identity, adding a special touch to your packaging..

Effortless Application: Applying these stickers is a breeze, effortlessly add that finishing touch to your packaging.

Quick Delivery: Your personalised Branded Stickers are prepared promptly, so you can start adding that extra flair to your products in no time.

With Branded Stickers, your packaging is not just orders; they’re a piece of experience your customers will treasure.

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Introducing our Custom Outdoor Blankets, perfect for enhancing the outdoor seating experience at your establishment.

Tailored Comfort: Create a blanket that resonates with your brand’s aesthetic. Choose from a variety of textures, colours, and patterns to craft a blanket that not only provides comfort but also complements your outdoor setting.

Durable Quality: Crafted with premium materials, these blankets are designed to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and consistent comfort for your guests.

Brand Harmony: While serving a practical purpose, these blankets also act as subtle brand ambassadors, showcasing your attention to detail and commitment to guest comfort.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free care, these blankets are easy to clean and maintain, ready for everyday use.

Prompt Availability: Benefit from a swift production process, ensuring that your custom outdoor blankets are ready to enhance your guests’ experience in no time.

Elevate your outdoor seating with these Custom Outdoor Blankets, where luxury meets functionality, providing guests with a cozy and memorable experience.

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Bespoke/Designed/Manufactured Glassware

Experience the fusion of elegance and personalisation with our custom Tea Light Holders, designed to capture your unique style and essence.

Limitless Customisation: Originally created for a specific brand, these holders can be tailored to your vision, from intricate motifs to modern designs, making each piece distinctly yours.

Artisanal Quality: Each holder is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, constructed with an eye for detail and a focus on longevity.

Adaptable Charm: Whether for a serene solo evening, a lively dinner gathering, or a festive occasion, these holders adapt to any setting, enhancing the ambiance with their understated allure.

Simple Maintenance: Designed for ease of care, these holders remain radiant and alluring with minimal effort, ready to illuminate any moment.

Rapid Delivery: Enjoy the swift arrival of your customised tea light holders, ready to infuse your space with bespoke elegance and warmth.

Discover the allure of customisation and illuminate your surroundings with our versatile Tea Light Holders.

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Presenting the Bespoke Printed Chip Cone, a customisable and functional solution for enhancing the presentation of your snacks and sides.

Tailored Design: Originally designed for Bill’s Restaurant, these chip cones are available for customisation to suit any establishment in the hospitality industry. Choose from a wide range of colours to align with your brand’s image.

Flexible Sizing: Adapt the size to fit your specific serving requirements, ensuring that each portion is perfectly presented.

Distinct Branding: Utilise these cones as a unique platform to display your restaurant’s logo and theme, enhancing brand recognition.

Superior Durability: Crafted with care, these cones are designed to keep your chips in top condition, ensuring they remain crisp and appealing to your customers.

Efficient Service: Expect a swift delivery of your custom chip cones, maintaining a balance between timely service and high-quality production.

Elevate your food presentation with these Bespoke Printed Chip Cones, turning a simple serving into an extension of your restaurant’s unique character and style.

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Sustainable Practices in Hospitality

Sustainable Practices in the Hospitality Industry: What You Need to Know

Introduction In a world increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, the hospitality industry is stepping up to the plate. The industry, encompassing hotels, restaurants, and offices, is taking a critical look at its operations and practices. As the importance of limiting environmental harm becomes clearer, these businesses are gradually shifting towards

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Ulez in London


How is the new ULEZ scheme affecting businesses in London and will soon to be affecting all London Boroughs? The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a scheme, implemented by the Mayor of London, to tackle the city’s air pollution crisis. Launched in 2019 by Boris Johnson, the then Mayor of

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A working lunch for everyone

The Working Lunch in a working from home world.

The Working Lunch! The French swear by their 3 course set menus washed down with a bottle of red, the Italians even believe the best business deals are closed over food, and most would admit to it being the favorite part of their day.  But what about in the UK?

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It’s time for the great restart – are you ready?

With the pathway to the restart of the hospitality sector gearing up for the great reopen on the 17th May we are seeing our customers gearing up and getting their businesses ready to start welcoming back customers (harrah!!).  However, the pandemic has and will change customer behaviour and expectations, and

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A Not So Happy Ending to the Business Interruption Insurance Debacle

On the 15th January the Supreme Court handed out it’s long-awaited judgement on the FCA’s business interruption test case.  When Lord Hamblem threw out the case and ruled in favour of the 370,000 policyholders who had claims totalling around £1.2 billion, it brought to conclusion a period of huge uncertainty

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The things I have learned running a small business….

After twenty years of running McAra with Ian, we’ve experienced the ups and downs that virtually every business owner has at one time or another, through booms, recessions, technology developments, and now global pandemics!!   It certainly keeps you on your toes and ensures that no two weeks are ever the

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