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Sustainable Practices in the Hospitality Industry: What You Need to Know

Sustainable Practices in Hospitality

Introduction In a world increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, the hospitality industry is stepping up to the plate. The industry, encompassing hotels, restaurants, and offices, is taking a critical look at its operations and practices. As the importance of limiting environmental harm becomes clearer, these businesses are gradually shifting towards eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices. […]


Ulez in London

How is the new ULEZ scheme affecting businesses in London and will soon to be affecting all London Boroughs? The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a scheme, implemented by the Mayor of London, to tackle the city’s air pollution crisis. Launched in 2019 by Boris Johnson, the then Mayor of London, the aim of the […]

Serving meals in boxes: best practices, trends, and top tricks

Meal in boxes

Individual meals in boxes are all the rage in the post pandemic world. Customers feel extra safe, knowing that their food cannot be exposed like in a buffet. It’s not surprising that a shift has been noted, with boxed meals rapidly becoming the most popular way to serve food in live events. Apart from the […]

Outsourcing Pros and Cons – How can asking for help benefit your business?

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help sometimes. We get it, it’s easy to get caught up in the many facets of managing or owning a business, wanting every detail to be perfect, supervising every step and decision. The benefits can be seen both in family firms as well as in multinationals. Most […]

The Working Lunch in a working from home world.

A working lunch for everyone

The Working Lunch! The French swear by their 3 course set menus washed down with a bottle of red, the Italians even believe the best business deals are closed over food, and most would admit to it being the favorite part of their day.  But what about in the UK? What about our restaurants? How […]

It’s time for the great restart – are you ready?

With the pathway to the restart of the hospitality sector gearing up for the great reopen on the 17th May we are seeing our customers gearing up and getting their businesses ready to start welcoming back customers (harrah!!).  However, the pandemic has and will change customer behaviour and expectations, and this article looks at some […]

Christmas, coronavirus and customs – the impact for small business importers

The challenges for business owners who rely on imported goods, continues into 2021 as the the cost of bringing goods in from overseas continues to increase after reaching record highs in December, as various market forces exacerbated by a combination of the global Covid-19 pandemic coupled with Brexit impact on both product lead times and […]

A Not So Happy Ending to the Business Interruption Insurance Debacle

On the 15th January the Supreme Court handed out it’s long-awaited judgement on the FCA’s business interruption test case.  When Lord Hamblem threw out the case and ruled in favour of the 370,000 policyholders who had claims totalling around £1.2 billion, it brought to conclusion a period of huge uncertainty for business owners across the […]

Making connections: Ensuring Success. The importance of strong supply chain relationships

The global supply chain is going through radical changes to cope with today’s increasingly volatile world.  Brand new approaches to managing relationships with suppliers are needed to navigate these challenges and are much more focused on delivering value through partnership and integration rather than the traditional approach of costs and price reductions. Traditionally, suppliers were […]

The things I have learned running a small business….

After twenty years of running McAra with Ian, we’ve experienced the ups and downs that virtually every business owner has at one time or another, through booms, recessions, technology developments, and now global pandemics!!   It certainly keeps you on your toes and ensures that no two weeks are ever the same. However for me, the […]

‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’​, Why McAra Fully Supports Can the Curfew

With the introduction of new restrictions starting to bite within the hospitality industry, McAra Limited is joining our friends, partners, and colleagues across the country to support The Caterers ‘Can the Curfew’ campaign. As a supplier to the hospitality industry and a number of leading restaurant chains, we too are one of the thousands of SME businesses who will […]